Why does the color movement need a color revolution?

Creative Capital Creative Capital (CC) is a nonprofit that seeks to transform the way creative industries are run and distributed.CC’s mission is to support the growth and adoption of creative solutions and services through technology, education, and outreach to communities of color.CC was founded in 2011 to help empower communities of colour by providing innovative, creative, and collaborative solutions to […]

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Why do we remember art, rather than the artists?

By now you’ve probably seen the #meme campaign that’s been going on in the past couple of weeks, a hashtag campaign aimed at encouraging people to share memories of their favourite artists.In fact, many of the artists on the list are the ones that you might expect to see on the top of the list of people to remember. You might […]

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How to use the Creative Cloud app for more creativity

Creative cloud app creator and designer Alex Mottram recently published an article on his blog explaining how to create a more creative cloud app that allows you to upload your own art, music, video, and more.He also shared his own thoughts on using the app, which is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play. While you can use the […]

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