Google’s new Creative Lab team will be bigger than the team you hired to run your company

The Google Creative Lab will have around a dozen people working in various areas of the company, including its design and technology departments, and its design team.The Google design team has grown substantially over the last two years, with more than 70 new employees joining the group over the past year, and the number of new design roles is expected […]

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Alyssa Rosenberg is a creative baker who uses creative loafings to sell her breads in Tampa, FL

Alyssas Rosenberg is the creator of the creative loafers, which are designed to be used by women to sell their bread.Rosenberg said the breads are made by a company called Creative Lifestyle, which is owned by her daughter, who works in the bakery business.She said she had a few of the bread samples made at her daughter’s shop in Tampa […]

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