Meet the man behind the viral #MakeItSo video of a woman taking a photo of her newborn baby

Share Share The man behind one of the most popular viral videos of the year, “#MakeItToo,” has released a video that’s been viewed more than one million times on YouTube.The #MakeitSo video shows a woman take a photo with her baby and later posts it on Instagram.The clip was posted on May 2 and quickly went viral.The video, created by […]

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Why Creativity Is the Answer for Your Creativity Problem

When you’re feeling stuck and want to find something creative to do, it’s not hard to see how you can become a creative forearm tattoo artist.With the right creative tools, you can be able to create new designs, or transform existing designs into something you can wear everyday.So, if you’re stuck in a creative writing slump, or you just want […]

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