‘Wormholes’ to be unveiled by NASA in 2018

NASA scientists are working on wormholes that could lead to a trip through space and time and the creation of life, according to a new report.The project has been called the ‘Warm Home’ and it could eventually lead to the creation and study of life on other planets.The researchers behind the project, from the University of Maryland, are currently working […]

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Fortnite Creates Its Own ‘Creative Environment’ – Exclusive Preview

It’s been a while since Fortnites creator Jason Schreier has talked about Fortnits creative environment, but he’s finally opened up about it on Twitter.Fortnites creative environment was one of the first concepts he and the team at Fortniti worked on during their time at Blizzard Entertainment, and it became a central part of their vision for the game.The team’s primary […]

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