Why the new creative content initiative is a win for consumers

It’s a good thing that you can finally buy a game that lets you do whatever you want to.And, no, it’s not because of some bizarre, new-age “creative” initiative that the developers of The Sims 3 have been trying to pull off for some time.It’s because of the real life consequences of this new strategy: the way in which the […]

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Trump to sign $150 million military aid bill

President Donald Trump will sign a $150 billion military aid package into law Friday, according to a White House official, in a sign that his administration is preparing to boost military spending amid a global economic crisis.The official said the package will provide $50 billion for the U.S. military, $10 billion for homeland security, $5 billion for economic development, and […]

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3 Ways To Use Creative Cakery To Create Awesome Graphics And Visual Art: From Photoshop to Sketch and More!

I know I can use my Creative Caking skills to make some cool graphics and visuals.Whether you’re creating something a little more colorful or a bit more minimalist, Creative Cakers are always a great option for a little inspiration.But there’s something even more exciting about using these tools to create awesome, original art that you can share with your friends […]

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