The best gift you can make for a creative Christmas gift: The Best Creative Christmas Gift

By Jessica E. LeaSource Recode article If you’re looking for something to get creative and creative with this year, you can’t go wrong with this Creative Christmas Gifts package from the creative arm of the Internet.The product is the Creative Arm.The idea is to take a product and turn it into a creative idea, but it can be used to […]

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How I built a DIY creative concrete wall from scratch

I built my own DIY creative wall.It’s made of recycled concrete. It’s got a bunch of nails.I bought it on a whim, on eBay. I was inspired by my own walls. My neighbours built a similar thing, but without nails.It was like they made a new wall for me. What was that like?I don’t know, it was so simple. I’ve been working on this wall […]

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Which creative tools are your favourite to use?

Creative Edge (India), the latest iteration of Creative Studio, lets you transform your images and videos into digital canvas by creating stunning new shapes and animations using a single touch.The app has become a hit in the US and UK, and is now available in more than 40 countries.Creative Edge is available for free to developers on the Google Play […]

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How to make a ‘creative’ breakfast idea in three minutes

Creative concrete is a new and popular way to get creative on a regular basis, especially in the digital age.Here’s how you can do it in less than five minutes.What you need to know about creative concreteWhat’s creative concrete?Creative concrete is an inexpensive concrete made from wood or recycled glass.It is similar to cement, but it is more durable, easier […]

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