How to bug a book on Creative Applique

Creative applique is a technique that combines various materials to create a piece of artwork, including paint, paper, cardboard, paperboard, and fabric.In this tutorial, we’ll explore how to use paper, paint, and a small amount of fabric to make a piece you can hang on your wall.1.Find a location.Finding the right spot to hang a piece on your walls will […]

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Why creative writing isn’t just for nerds

Creative marketing, creative design, creative work, and creative writing have become popular subjects for young professionals, but are they?We spoke to two of the most successful creatives in the business about the importance of the subject, and how the creative industry can be both creative and creative at the same time.In our own interview, we asked creative agency agency and […]

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‘Frozen’ writer: ‘There’s a reason we have the most diverse cast in the history of the film industry’

Disney has come under fire for its decision to cast white actors in parts of the movie industry that are heavily Asian, in an attempt to portray the film as a celebration of diversity.The Oscar-winning writer of “Frozen” was speaking at an event in Los Angeles when she said she is “disappointed” that the film was cast in roles that […]

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