Creative Destruction is a new studio in Camden which aims to explore the creative industries of creative destruction.

Creative Destruction’s Director of Operations, Matt Breen, said that the studio will “provide a platform for creative professionals, artists and writers to build their career”.

Matt Breen.

Creative destruction is a term that describes an artistic practice where people work to produce something in a creative process that has no artistic value.

It’s a process of creating something, and then then putting it on the internet for others to enjoy.

Matt Brienne said that Creative Destruction was hoping to create a studio where “the creative arts can be used to create art that is both important and accessible to all.”

The studio will be housed in the former offices of the British Museum, which is now owned by the London Stock Exchange. 

Matt Brennan, Creative Destruction Director of operations, said the studio would be the “biggest creative project in the UK right now” and would “offer the most innovative and creative work of the last decade”.

The studio’s design is currently being created in a temporary space, but it will open to the public in 2019.

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