Creative Capital Creative Capital (CC) is a nonprofit that seeks to transform the way creative industries are run and distributed.

CC’s mission is to support the growth and adoption of creative solutions and services through technology, education, and outreach to communities of color.

CC was founded in 2011 to help empower communities of colour by providing innovative, creative, and collaborative solutions to their challenges.

CC supports and coordinates community-based creative and creative service projects, such as the annual Creative Fundraiser.

CC currently works with a number of organizations in the United States, including The Art Institute of Chicago, the National Endowment for the Arts, and The Creative Alliance.

CC offers workshops, competitions, workshops on digital literacy, and mentorship programs.

CC is an incubator for local, regional, and national programs.

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Creative Commons images Creative Commons Images is an online repository of images that are freely licensed under Creative Commons.

CC licenses these images, which can be used in public domain publications.

CC has hosted an online gallery of images of children in their school uniform since December 2018.

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Creative Market The Creative Market is a free and open online marketplace for artists, designers, photographers, and content creators to exchange ideas and collaborate.

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Creative Minds Creativity Minds (CCM) is an educational organization focused on the social and political relevance of creative thinking.

Learn About Creative Mind’s mission.

Creative Skills Creative Skills is an organization dedicated to providing innovative learning opportunities for underserved populations through its work in the areas of child development, art education, digital literacy and technology.

CCM works to provide creative opportunities for youth of color through creative writing workshops and mentoring.

CC can also provide educational and social outreach to disadvantaged groups through the Youth Creative Writing Project.

CC provides workshops for students and their parents.

CC also provides workshops in collaboration with a wide range of nonprofits and arts organizations.

Learn the CCM mission and mission statement.

Creative Arts Creativity Arts is an inclusive and creative art movement that brings people together through the exchange of ideas, and the creation of new artworks through the sharing of creative experiences.

CC operates a Creative Arts Center, which is a community-led hub for the exchange and dissemination of creative ideas.

CC works with arts groups and institutions to share and share creative works, and to engage in critical and collaborative discussions about the art and ideas that are being produced.

Learn how CC works to engage with creative groups and the arts.

Creative Media Creativity Media (CM) is the umbrella term for all the activities that comprise the creative movement.

CM supports, coordinates, and promotes creative arts initiatives, programs, and activities around the world.

CM is part of the Creative Commons Initiative, which promotes the free, open, and non-commercial use of images, videos, music, and other creative works for educational, cultural, or public benefit.

Learn CM and how it works.

Creative Resource Center (CRC) CRC is a non-profit dedicated to supporting creative community.

Learn why it exists.

Creative Space Creative Space (CS) is one of the largest organizations in Colorado dedicated to creating a culture of collaboration.

Learn CS’s mission and vision.

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Creative Time Creative Time (CT) is located in Denver, Colorado, with more than 30 employees and a mission to help foster an environment where people can: engage in collaborative work, explore and create new ideas, share ideas and work on projects together, and build skills in critical thinking, creative problem solving, communication, and social justice.

Learn CT’s mission, vision, and mission statements.

Creative Workspace The Creative Workspaces, or CCWs, are the largest and most diverse collections of creative works in the world, which are shared with the public and distributed to artists, educators, writers, photographers and other creatives.

Learn what the CCWs are and how they work.

CCW is also the site of the Colorado Arts and Crafts Fair.

Learn CCW.

Creative Workplaces The Creativity Workspaces have been a source of inspiration and inspiration to creatives for over three decades.

Learn all about the Creativity Workplaces.

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) CSA is a cooperative initiative of state and federal governments, nonprofits, and industry.

Learn CSA’s mission statement and mission.

Learn How to Become a CSA Member.

Community Education The Community Education Initiative (CIE) was founded by the American Association of School Administrators to address the education needs of low-income and minority students.

Learn information about CIE.

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Community Media and Culture (CM&C) CM&C is the nation’s largest community media and culture organization, focused on education, community engagement, and innovation.

Learn a bit more about CM&L.

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Creative Nonprofits CC&M is a 501(c)(3) non-partisan, non-governmental

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