Creative writing prompts can help you brainstorm, write a novel, write your first short story or an article.

Here’s how.

Read More, an author, told Business Insider that she got her start writing for fun, and she thought her writing was going to be a career move.

But it didn’t work out that way.

“I was a professional writer, and it was a good career move,” she told Business Insiders.

“I didn’t make it to the top of my field.”

She found a career as a writer for an online publication, but was never able to find the skills that would make her successful in the field.

“My main concern was how much money I was going and how I was able to get into that position and be a writer.

I don’t want to be just another professional writer,” she said.

She eventually took a break from her writing career to focus on her career, but still finds writing challenging.

“There’s a lot of fear about writing, and I think it’s a great fear,” she explained.

“You don’t know how much you can put in before you start writing, you don’t even know how many hours you can do it, and you don

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