A new creative cake maker has revealed how to make your own custom cakes.

Created by a couple in their 20s, the DIY cake maker explains how to create your own cake and make it with your own ingredients, from scratch, with the help of a couple of hours of inspiration.

“The thing that’s amazing about it is you can take anything you can think of and you can make it into a custom-made cake,” said the bride, who has not been named.

“You could do it in the kitchen or in a baking studio, so that you can customize it to your taste.

The beauty of it is it’s completely customizable.”

She told The Telegraph: “I made this cake to celebrate my 25th birthday.

It’s got a chocolate cake with a chocolate swirl on top, and it’s decorated with flowers and a big rose.””

I made it to make myself happy, to celebrate with friends and to get a little bit of creativity out of it.”

The couple shared a video of their process and they shared how to put the cake together: “We started off by taking a cake, cutting it into little pieces and taking each piece and cutting it in half,” said their friend.

“Then we started making the flowers and we made a cake out of them.”

I then put them in the oven for 10 minutes to melt them down, so they’re nice and firm, and then I added chocolate, and I made a lovely cake.

“We then put it in our living room and it was delicious.”

The cake was made with a mix of almond butter, coconut oil and coconut milk.

“You can really enjoy it as a cake or as a cupcake, and the cake has a little something different about it,” said her friend.

“It’s got this wonderful chocolate flavour to it.”

It has also been described as a “dessert for the soul” and has been shared over a million times on Instagram.

The bride and her friends are now planning to celebrate the birthday of their partner, who is in his 20s.

“He loves the cake so much, and we’re trying to make it for him,” she said.

“For the next couple of weeks, he’s going to make a birthday cake for us.”

But he’s a really good cake maker, so we’re going to do that.

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