In a new interview, a vegan who created a vegan cucumber sandwich says that while it’s a delicious dish, it’s not his style.

“I don’t really like the texture of the cucumbers, but I think it’s great for a salad,” said David A. Kessel, the founder and chief executive officer of the company, Good Morning Food.

“I’ve been eating this vegan cumber sandwich for a couple of months now, and it’s the best thing I’ve eaten in a while.”

Kessel told Vice News that he created the sandwich because he thought people were getting sick of eating “a lot of processed food,” but also because “the cucumbas are amazing.”

He added that he thinks the sandwich has been popular with vegan fans, but that it’s important to eat the whole thing: “I think it needs to be a whole, organic food.”

Kesssel said that he makes about six to eight cucumbeers a day, but he likes to serve a variety of them, including vegan options, vegetarian ones and gluten-free ones.

Kessel says he eats a lot of veggie burgers and wraps and says that he’s also trying out vegan chili with black beans, kale and tempeh.

The company is a new vegan food company based in Seattle that makes sandwiches made from plant-based ingredients.

The company has launched its first Seattle location and plans to expand to more states soon.

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