Creative lighting has been the subject of a lot of buzz lately.

A new Minecraft update is due to arrive this weekend and it’s already being used as a showcase for what developers are working on in the new generation of the game.

One of the new features announced by the developer is the ability to use Creative Lighting on the map, a feature that’s been available since the launch of Minecraft 1.10.

This has meant that the game has been given an entire new lighting system, which lets players create their own unique environment, even using a whole bunch of different tools.

In a post on the Minecraft Forums, creative lighting author and developer, David “Baconhead” Smith, explained that the system was created to allow the game to show off a wider range of lighting options in an attempt to give the world more personality.

“We are always striving to deliver something fresh and creative to our player base.

Creative lighting will be the first of many things we will be releasing with this update,” he wrote.

“The lighting system is the first step towards creating a more unique environment for our players to explore.”

Creative lighting was originally introduced to the game in Minecraft 1, when it was revealed that it was possible to create a fully lit version of the map.

This was a feature only available to players who already owned the game, which was also something that would come in handy in the next update, 1.11.

With this update, the Creative Lighting feature has also been extended to include a bunch of other new lighting options, including the ability for players to create their very own “lights” using a bunch more tools.

“As the world grows, and more creative content is added, we are constantly working to improve the lighting system and make it more interesting for you to use,” Smith wrote.

“Creative lights are a great way to bring in more personality to the world of Minecraft, and we hope you enjoy using them!”

As for the current state of Creative Lighting, Smith revealed that there’s currently no plan to make it available in the future.

He did, however, mention that the developer would “continue to be open to any suggestions on the use of Creative lighting”.

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