Share Share The man behind one of the most popular viral videos of the year, “#MakeItToo,” has released a video that’s been viewed more than one million times on YouTube.

The #MakeitSo video shows a woman take a photo with her baby and later posts it on Instagram.

The clip was posted on May 2 and quickly went viral.

The video, created by the video-sharing site, has more than 10 million views on YouTube.

“This is an extremely rare moment when a woman takes a photo,” the woman, who was identified only as “G,” told Recode.

“It was so inspiring.”

The woman, a social media and media marketing manager, said she wanted to share the experience of taking a selfie, not the fact that it took her a whole day to do so.

“We were in a meeting with an organization that’s working on ways to make sure women and girls have the same opportunities,” she said.

“It was an opportunity for me to go out and make a photo for a little girl and just have a conversation about it.”

The video’s viral impactThe video went viral on May 1, the day before G posted the video on Instagram and Facebook.

Since then, the video has been viewed about 4 million times.

“I had a great idea and wanted to see what would happen,” she told Recodes.

“I wanted to make it work for the company and for me, so I took the video and I put it on my personal Instagram.

It’s just a really fun time.”

The Instagram video has over 10 million shares on Instagram, but it has only received about half of those shares, which would indicate that the majority of people who have viewed it have viewed the video in a similar way to G.

The video shows the woman standing in front of a white building in a downtown Seattle neighborhood with a white wall, white lines and a white backdrop.

The woman has a newborn baby on the other side of the white wall.

“This is my baby,” the video’s caption reads.

“This is her birthday.

This is my first day.

This isn’t me.

This was her.”

The mother then turns around and takes a picture with her child in the middle of the street.

The woman has made the photo of herself on Instagram multiple times before, but this time, she is using her smartphone to capture the image.

G said the photo is not a perfect image of the newborn, but she is proud of it.

“She’s beautiful.

She’s perfect.

She has perfect eyes and everything,” she explained.

G also shared a video of the same photo she took with her son, but that one was taken while he was in the hospital.

The baby is wearing a red T-shirt with the word “Make It So” emblazoned on it.

The mother also said that the baby is healthy and that the mother has not had a reaction to the viral video.

“The baby’s a beautiful boy,” she wrote.

“She’s not crying, she’s not shaking.

I think she’s a little bit excited.

It really is a blessing to be in a situation like this and to see your baby grow up.”

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