Creative Living Solutions, a leading creative studio in Israel, is hiring an audio/video production and technology director to help the company turn its technology into a profitable business.

The company, which has a large number of Israeli graduates, is offering to pay its graduates $300,000 to start their careers as a production assistant.

The offer is valid for those who have been in the Israeli video-related industry for less than three years, and those who plan to leave it.

In a statement, Creative Living says its graduates have “proven that they are well-suited to develop their skills and apply their knowledge to the digital and video industry.”

“We are extremely excited to have this talent on board,” said co-founder Elia Nachman.

“Our graduates have already produced many of the top-rated and popular Israeli documentaries, including ‘The Great Beauty’ and ‘The Last Supper.'”

Creative Living has been in Israel since 2012 and has offices in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

The move comes as Israel grapples with the fallout from its 2015 air campaign that killed more than 300 Palestinians and wounded thousands of others.

It has also been embroiled in the ongoing Gaza war, which left more than 2,100 Palestinians dead.

The war has forced Israel to reinstate border controls and the evacuation of thousands of Palestinians from the occupied West Bank.

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