AUSTIN, Texas – creative reuse is a growing business in Austin.

Austin Creative Reuse is an Austin-based organization that helps creative professionals and small businesses make furniture and accessories using local materials and technologies. 

The group, founded in 2012, works to make reuse easier, quicker and more affordable.

The group helps designers, artists and home decorators make furniture from recycled materials and create original and unique pieces. 

“I think our biggest challenge is making it accessible for people who are not used to it,” said Kristen Kish, a member of the group. 

Kish said the process of making furniture is very simple. 

She said she likes to use the materials as a starting point for making furniture. 

Once you have a foundation of materials, you can start adding pieces, she said. 

When creating furniture, she uses reclaimed wood, recycled cardboard, glass, and fabric as the primary building blocks. 

At the end of the process, Kash said, you will have a product that is a beautiful piece of art and will be a source of inspiration for other designers and craftsmen. 

With such a high turnover rate in the industry, the group’s mission is to provide affordable and reliable materials for furniture that will last a lifetime. 

Since it began, the organization has helped thousands of people reuse their old furniture.

The organization also helps home decoraters, designers and other home decor professionals create new furniture and products. 

In 2017, the Austin Creative Recycling Center launched a program for home decorers and artists to share their furniture and equipment with others.

The program will allow individuals and businesses to rent furniture, equipment and supplies for reuse. 

Austin Creative Reused is one of several organizations that are working to create a new generation of furniture.

The program will provide furniture that can be reused, but the group is trying to find ways to make it more accessible. 

Artists, designers, and makers can find furniture that is both sustainable and affordable.

Kish said there is also a need for people to use recycled materials for projects, which can be a big advantage for businesses. 

 “We can reuse our materials but we have to make sure that it is accessible,” she said, adding that some of the materials are used in traditional household products and materials like furniture can be hard to find in new construction. 

AUSTIN CREATIVE REUSE’S mission is to provide affordable, high-quality products that are sustainable, and that will last a lifetime.

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