President Donald Trump will sign a $150 billion military aid package into law Friday, according to a White House official, in a sign that his administration is preparing to boost military spending amid a global economic crisis.

The official said the package will provide $50 billion for the U.S. military, $10 billion for homeland security, $5 billion for economic development, and $3 billion for international assistance.

Trump is set to sign the bill Friday morning.

It is the first piece of legislation he has signed into law.

Trump has pushed the military as an economic stimulus, and the administration has been touting the $1 trillion increase in military spending.

Trump is expected to sign another package later this week that will boost military funding by $50 trillion.

Trump announced a $1.9 trillion military aid deal last month, but that deal did not include $150.4 billion for domestic military spending, which is currently capped at $500 billion.

Trump has also asked Congress to approve $1 billion to fund a border wall and an expansion of U.N. peacekeeping forces.

The president’s plan to boost defense spending is likely to raise eyebrows in Washington.

The military budget is a big concern for Democrats in Congress, who say the spending is too small.

The Defense Department receives about $500.8 billion a year from Congress, according a July 2016 analysis by The Associated Press.

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