Here’s how to create a unique birthday gift for your loved ones.

Find out how to make your own creative birthday gift.

Advantages: A creative birthday is a unique gift, so it’s perfect for sharing with friends, family and loved ones, says Anna, a senior digital strategist at Advantages.

A unique birthday can help you show off your unique style, says Kristi, a partner at Creative Alliance.

Creative birthday gift ideas for a creative or creative-lifestyle audience include: The original birthday gift, with a handwritten note from the recipient.

The custom-made, custom-size cake.

Presents from the designer of the original birthday cake. 

These are great to give to a loved one, says Elizabeth, a digital strategist for Creative Alliance, a firm that partners with companies to create digital and creative products.

Make a customized, custom birthday card, which can be personalized with photos and personal information.

Create a custom, custom, or personalized cake.

Make a custom birthday cupcake, which is a cake decorated with your favorite cake and filled with whipped cream, chocolate chips, and other goodies.

Make a custom wedding cake for a special occasion, or even a special holiday. 

Here’s how: Decorate the cake and decorate the cupcake to match the original design. 

Put your name and the designer’s initials on the cake.

Use a cake tins to wrap the cake around a cupcake. 

Create a unique photo of the cake for the designer to customize the cake with a personal message or image. 

Add a gift card for the design to the cupcakes. 

Make a personalized birthday cake with your own photos, notes, and personal messages. 

Attach a card to the cake that you can put on the mantelpiece of your home. 

Get a personalized greeting card, or just write your message on the card. 

Use a custom card with a photo of your favorite birthday cake, or write a message on it. 

Sign the card with the designer and send it off to a friend. 

Have the designer create a custom ring on the ring, with your name, initials, and the date of your wedding. 

Customize the cake in a variety of ways, from adding your own name and design to adding photos and a personalized message. 

Take a picture of your personalized birthday card and post it on Instagram or Instagram Stories, so you can see it in all its glory. 

Give a personalized gift card to a special person or organization that needs your gift. 

Receive personalized birthday greetings from a variety in different sizes, from small to large, so your loved one knows they’re not the only one. 

Bring your own handmade gifts and flowers for your family and friends. 

Print personalized birthday cards with your initials and personal message.

Create personalized gifts for your daughter, niece, nephew, or grandchild.

Take your family on a holiday shopping spree. 

Start with a personalized card, like a card for a friend or family member. 

Find a personalized coupon, or make a custom gift card.

Take a photo and post your personalized gift on Instagram, Instagram Stories or Facebook. 

Choose a personalized holiday gift and post the personalized message on Instagram. 

Post a personalized photo of a card you would like to buy for yourself, on your Facebook profile, or on Instagram Stories. 

Send a personalized email to a specific person. 

Share your customized card with family and close friends.

Use a personalized signature on a gift, like an invitation or card.

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