The search term “creative” is growing rapidly across the internet, with the Google+ social network taking over the title in the first quarter of 2018. 

The internet giant saw its Google+ page for creative writing grow 25 percent year-over-year in Q1 2018, the company said, with some people using the term as a synonym for “creativity”. 

The news comes a week after Google’s YouTube video platform YouTube added “creatives” to its search bar in hopes of adding more people to the “creatively” search engine.

Google+’s growth has been driven by an influx of content creators, who are also becoming more vocal about the lack of diversity in their communities. 

According to a recent survey conducted by Pew Research, 56 percent of people in the US say they are either “very” or “somewhat” engaged in creating content on the social network.

The survey also revealed that 59 percent of US users say they have created content on Google+ in the last year.

Google+ has said that the growing interest in creative writing comes from people wanting to learn more about the medium, and to “get involved” in a more diverse community. 

“We want to encourage creators to get involved in creating and sharing creative content on YouTube,” Google said in a blog post.

“But the most important thing is that we keep innovating to make YouTube the best place to do it. 

As we continue to build and scale YouTube, it’s important that creators have a place on our platform to learn, share and discover their work.

We hope that this survey will help guide us in creating the best community on the internet.”

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