The Huffington Show’s creator, Chris Wark, used the term “creativity” in his blog post about the new show. 

“Creative work and video are not the same thing,” Wark wrote.

“They are very different, very different ways of expressing and representing something that is so important to our culture.”

“The way we do it is different from how other people do it,” WARK continued.

“We’re doing it from the creative minds, not the creative work.”

The first episode of the new series, titled “My Little Monster,” features an artist named Nicky, who uses her art as a guide to a new series of drawings.

Nicky is known for her whimsical drawings and her art has inspired countless artists.

In this first episode, Nicky draws a monster that is completely human. 

In a second episode, the monster is made of clay and the artist uses the clay to create a new kind of monster, one that resembles a dog. 

The show also stars an artist, “The Beast,” who was inspired by a comic book character who has a body like a dog, a head that looks like a man and a tail that resembles an animal. 

Nicky also uses her clay to construct a new animal, a monster who looks like an owl.

“My little monster” is scheduled to air in January.

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