4 Republicans governors, including Kansas Gov.

Sam Brownback, will hold town hall meetings in the next week, but the plans are a departure from the bipartisan effort that saw several governors hold public town halls in the first half of the year.

On Thursday, the Republican Governors Association and a coalition of state governors announced that they would hold a series of public town hall events in November, including in New York City.

That was followed by a similar series in California on Tuesday.

The Governors Association has not announced which states will host its town hall event, but it will likely include a large number of governors, a senior GOP aide said, speaking on condition of anonymity to discuss internal planning.

Brownback and other Republican governors have resisted calls to hold more town halls, arguing that their constituents deserve a voice in public affairs and that the process should be done in person rather than via teleconference.

Brownbacks spokesman Rick Wiley said on Thursday that the governors are committed to their plan, but that the public meeting process will be held on a rolling basis.

The governors are still working out logistics for the event.

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