You’re a proud mum of two young boys, but your mother’s been getting all the headlines lately.

Your father, who you met at a young age and married when he was 17, is suing you for $3 million.

Your lawyer says he doesn’t even know where you got the idea to post that you were born a boy.

Your lawyer, Brian Ritchie, says he has no idea why the two of you want to settle the suit, but that he has been working to find a way for both of you to get on with their lives.

His goal is to have you pay your legal bills by July 1, so that you can move forward with your life.

“We have reached an agreement with your mother that we will pay the full amount of the case and you will be able to start getting on with your children’s lives as you always have,” Mr Ritchie said.

“There’s been a lot of noise from the media, but we don’t know where it came from.”

How the lawsuit beganThe lawsuit started last year when your mother filed a defamation suit against you for her son’s false claims that he was born a girl and was adopted by her.

“She claimed he was adopted from her family and was born the boy he was when he had his second birthday,” your lawyer said.

She then filed a $3.4 million defamation lawsuit against you, saying you had falsely claimed to be a boy for more than two years.

Your mother’s lawyer argued the case in court that the lawsuit was “based upon a lie” and that the judge should have dismissed the case because of “invalidity”.

The judge dismissed the defamation lawsuit, saying your mother was entitled to “an order that the matter be dismissed”.

What’s in the lawsuit?

Your mother alleges she has a right to sue you for defamation and also a right “to recover costs, expenses, and reasonable attorney fees” as well as “to a declaratory judgment and judgment of non-jury”.

“Defamation is an insidious and insidious practice,” your mother said in her legal documents.

“It is used to create the impression that someone has made a false allegation, thereby denying them the right to defend themselves.”

I believe I was treated fairly in this case and that you should be afforded an opportunity to have your case heard.

“What’s the big picture?

Your lawyer has worked hard to find the right settlement and says he is happy to put the matter on hold for now until the judge makes a decision.”

At this point we have no other choice, but to settle this case,” he said.

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