I mean, seriously, the worst Christmas Carol?

I mean honestly, what are the worst holiday Carols ever?

Are they really the worst?

Are we talking about the one with the giant, unkempt, half-smoked-out-of-his-hand-breath, half baked-out, half eaten-and-ready-to-eat-and eaten-again-and/or-smashed-up, half frozen-dead-with-lots-of, half fried-to a crisp, half smashed-to, half mashed-to bits, half melted-and-(smashed-)to bits-and then-baked, half smeared-out with milk, and then-smelt-like-a-hot-dog-eating-cup, or any of the other bad Christmas Carol’s I mentioned earlier?

It seems to be a case of if you don’t have the perfect Christmas Carol, then you can’t even have the best Christmas Carol.

It’s a sad state of affairs for Christmas, and one that’s only getting worse.

The worst Christmas carols ever are actually not that bad.

Sure, they’re awful, but they’re not horrible.

They’re just not that terrible.

And as a result, we’ve come to enjoy them more and more.

It seems that every time I see one, I’m reminded that I’ve spent some time living in a magical time where I can turn the TV on and turn on a movie or a TV show without having to worry about a broken record, or a lost wallet, or anything that might be distracting.

This is a great thing.

It means that we can enjoy a holiday season with a happy, clean, bright, and festive feeling without all of the trappings that make for an unpleasant holiday season.

Here are 10 of my favorite, and worst, Christmas Carol stories.

I know, I know.

These are the absolute worst.

Let’s start with the most horrific of them all: The Bad Christmas Carol That Wasn’t: “The Christmas Carol” The Worst Thanksgiving Carol: “What’s The Big Deal?”

The Worst New Year’s Eve Carol That Was Not: “A Christmas Carol for the New Year” The Best Christmas Day Carol that was Not: A Christmas Carol For The New Year (aka “The Big Deal”) The Best New Year Christmas Carol (aka The Big Bad) The Worst Night of Christmas: “Holiday Story” (A Christmas Story) I know what you’re thinking.

How can you go wrong with that?!

Let’s break it down.

Christmas is supposed to be all about making us happy.

If we can’t be happy, then we shouldn’t be allowed to celebrate it.

It is a celebration of our life, our spirit, and our humanity.

It celebrates our love, our devotion, and the beauty of life.

In other words, we shouldn’ be celebrating any Christmas that doesn’t involve giving something of value.

The most popular holiday of the year is the most popular thing in the world, right?

Well, it depends on how you define “popular.”

I mean who knows what the average person’s Christmas is like, right, you?

Well guess what?

The average person doesn’t really know.

There’s so much to celebrate on the other end of the holiday season that people aren’t really thinking about what Christmas is all about.

There is no perfect Christmas, so I guess it’s all up to us, as human beings, to make up our own.

I suppose we should be celebrating our joy with some Christmas cheer, right.

We could all use a little bit of it.

We can celebrate all the things we love.

We love music, we love cooking, we really love making new friends, and we love to share with people new and old.

I love the idea of sharing a little of our holiday spirit with others.

We don’t need to be ashamed of our love of the holidays, we just need to celebrate with everyone who’s willing to share.

That’s how we make the most of the joy of Christmas.

The Best Holiday Story of the Year: “Merry Christmas” The Most Funny Christmas Story Ever: “I’ll Go Home to You, Santa” It’s not every day you get to share your joy with Santa Claus.

In fact, I’ve never had a Christmas that was so enjoyable, or so memorable, that I couldn’t share it with my family.

And when it comes to stories that really take the holiday to the next level, it’s hard to beat “Marrying Christmas.”

Written by a very happy couple, “Mary and Timmy” is a hilarious, hilarious, funny, funny Christmas story.

It was written for the show The Simpsons, and it’s a hilarious Christmas story, if you ask me

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