In a new design called Porch, the iconic tree in The Simpsons’ iconic treehouse is getting a new house.

It is part of the New York Museum of Art’s Living Objects Series.

The project is the result of the collaboration between the Museum and the Chicago-based firm ArtMuseum.

The tree in the treehouse in The Sesame Street episode “The Tree of Life” is part, in part, of the Living Objects series.

In the series, visitors can walk through the trees that are part of The Simpsons Treehouse, where Homer and friends are entertained by their treehouse and play games.

The Treehouse has been on display at the New Museum since 2007, and the team behind Porch was inspired by that experience, said the museum’s director of public affairs, David A. Mascagni.

“We saw this opportunity to connect with the history of the tree, the history in our city, and to celebrate that as an exhibit, so we thought it would be fun to work with an architect who was known for his work on trees,” Mascigni said.

Mascagnie said the Treehouse was inspired in part by the work of artist Frank Gehry, who designed the Tree House in New York City’s Central Park.

Gehry designed the tree house in conjunction with the National Park Service in the 1950s.

“When we saw Frank Gehries work, we thought, ‘This would be an amazing piece for our Treehouse,'” Mascagno said.

“Frank Gehry was a visionary who saw the potential of a tree as an art form.”

ArtMuseum’s Living Object Series is a partnership between the museum and Chicago-area architecture firm, Nautilus.

The first of the series’ five projects is “Porches,” a massive sculpture made of wood and glass that is located at the Chicago Architecture Museum.

In “Porcys” and “Pococo,” Mabra and Nautiluses’ team reimagined a treehouse from The Simpsons treehouse.

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