An award-winning designer, artist and illustrator has created the iconic “Pittsburghers” logo.

The image has been a part of Pittsburgher culture since its introduction to the city in the early 20th century.

Its iconic shape is a combination of a circle and an octagon, with the circle representing the city and the octagon representing the “Pittsburgh”.

But now it is being used by many of Pitts’ biggest brands to promote products.

Its creator, Lisa McArthur, said she created it in a dream.

“I thought I would design the logo and then I would make it into something that was real, and I would just use it in different contexts,” Ms McArthur said.

“It’s been around since the beginning of time and it’s been a huge part of what Pittsburgheers have known and loved for centuries.”

The logo was originally created in the 1920s, when the city was the focus of a $1.6 million advertising campaign.

The logo, now in use by brands such as Apple, Coca-Cola and Walmart, is one of the oldest logos in the world.

Its evolution has been attributed to the rise of the automobile, and the need for fast, accurate information.

It was a sign of Pitt’s success that the city’s first postcard advertising agency, the “Pittsburgh Postcard Co”, created a poster with the logo.

Ms McArthur created it with her friend, designer and Pittsburghette illustrator Chris Wren, after their children told them about the logo, which she had seen in an advertisement for a local food shop.

“The reason that I chose it was because I wanted to do something that looked authentic, something that could be seen by people who had never seen a logo before,” Ms Wren said.

It is the first logo that has been used by a local company since the 1960s, although its evolution has seen the use of other designs by local businesses.

“A lot of the other logos have been based on old ones, but this one has been an amalgamation of a bunch of old ones that I had sitting around,” Ms McGarry said.

She said she used the logo because it was “truly unique”.

“I’ve always been fascinated with shapes and things that have a different look to the ones that we see on the road, in the city, in our homes, in people’s houses,” Ms McNair said.

The city’s branding team, which includes designers, illustrators and branding consultants, has worked closely with Ms McGair, Ms McNaire and Ms Wrex.

“We’ve been really keen to use a creative process,” Ms MacArthur said, adding the logo was inspired by a number of things, including a “poetry and poetry in motion” book, “the great American artist Frank Stella”.

“The logo has been based in a lot of different places and I think it’s really a tribute to the art form,” Ms McDairy said.

While the logo may have been inspired by an old postcard, Ms Mc Arthur said it was inspired in a way that “people could actually relate to”.

“People who grew up with it and are familiar with it, they’re familiar with the meaning of it,” she said.

Ms McNair has been working with a range of brands to develop a new logo, with a focus on colour, typography and typography, typographic typography.

She hopes to have it ready for use in the next few months.

“This is an incredibly creative and unique opportunity to do what we love,” Ms McMaire said.

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