Creativity and the art of making a game are two of the keys to running a presidential campaign, and Trump has shown it time and time again.

Trump’s campaign has spent millions of dollars on the creative departments of the Republican Party’s top four offices, and the Trump campaign is clearly taking advantage of that.

This week, the campaign’s digital team launched an “art” initiative, which aims to help the campaign reach its voters through a wide range of media platforms.

This is a big step for the campaign, which has been a lightning rod for criticism from conservatives over the years.

But it also suggests that Trump has a clear understanding of how to use his platform to reach a wide swath of voters, and how to tap into that audience’s creativity.

A key element of the Trump digital strategy is the “art team,” a group of people who are responsible for designing, animating, and managing the campaign.

They will do things like create content for Trump’s website, and will work on social media, like social media ads, to reach out to his base.

The campaign has also hired a digital artist who has worked on the Trump presidential campaign before, and who will help the team get to know and understand the media.

The art team is comprised of a team of 15 people, and is part of the digital team.

The digital team, which was first reported by Politico, will be responsible for creating new content and updating campaign pages, and they will be tasked with developing new video and sound elements.

There are also plans to hire a digital creative director to work with the campaign to bring in the right talent.

The campaign’s art team will work closely with the digital art team to develop and update content, according to Politico, and it’s unclear whether these teams will be able to work in tandem.

It’s also unclear if the campaign will be allowed to use a digital team as its primary creative team.

According to Politico’s report, the digital arts team is expected to focus on creating a new “art style” for the Trump website, as well as updating campaign and social media pages.

Politico also said that the art team may be tasked to develop new video, sound, and image elements for the “Trump” social media accounts.

There are also questions about whether the campaign is able to fully embrace the digital strategy.

Politico wrote that the digital artists are expected to be paid $500 per day, which Politico described as “well below the current minimum wage of $23 an hour” and said that it could be “impossible to afford a staff full-time to create, manage, and implement the digital campaign.”

Politico also reported that Trump did not immediately respond to an email requesting comment.

The Trump campaign did not respond to requests for comment.

The Trump digital team was hired for a total of $11 million, and Politico noted that the money was used to hire “a few dozen digital artists, a few hundred graphics designers, and a handful of programmers.”

The campaign did make an initial investment of $1.5 million in May to hire digital artists to work on its digital operation.

The total spending on the digital effort was reported to be $4.6 million, Politico reported.

The strategy also seems to be a major part of what the campaign says it wants to do with the media strategy.

The media strategy is supposed to include “creative content, targeted advertising, and digital messaging,” according to a statement from the campaign on Thursday.

Politico reported that the campaign hired a “creativity and media strategy expert” to help develop the media effort.

This “specialist” is part-time, but Politico said that “the Trump campaign has been paying him well.”

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