Creative cloud app creator and designer Alex Mottram recently published an article on his blog explaining how to create a more creative cloud app that allows you to upload your own art, music, video, and more.

He also shared his own thoughts on using the app, which is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play. 

While you can use the app to upload and view artwork, Mottrams creative cloud application has more than just that.

Mottams app is designed to let you quickly add, edit, and remove files from a creative cloud collection.

You can then share those files with friends, family, and collaborators. 

Mottram writes:”The first time I downloaded my art I was floored.

I downloaded it from a local library and had no idea how it would look on the computer screen.

The more I uploaded and edited it the more I realized that it was something I had created and was proud of.

Then I was asked what it was, what kind of artist I was, and why I was so passionate about art. 

This app was the catalyst for me to take a new approach to the way I interact with my work.

I didn’t have to spend an hour creating a new canvas to see the results.

I could upload it and get it to look exactly how I wanted.”

Mottrams new app has a couple of different functions.

The first is the uploading feature.

You simply upload your artwork to the cloud and the app automatically downloads the artwork and displays it on your screen. 

The upload button also allows you directly upload files to the app and view them.

Mowchows app also allows for the creation of a custom tag. 

You can choose a name for your art and then drag it into the app.

The app will then display a pop-up window with all of your art uploaded to the Cloud, with tags attached to each.

This allows you, for example, to add a tag to your image and tag your artwork as you would any other photo. 

If you’d like to keep the art in the Cloud permanently, you can also set a limit on the number of items you can upload and upload to the Creative cloud. 

When you’re finished uploading your artwork, you’ll be presented with a preview of the resulting image on your desktop. 

Once you’re happy with your artwork in the cloud, you simply upload it back to the desktop, upload it again, and voila!

Your artwork is now uploaded to a creative device, ready for you to share and edit it. 

“I have a whole bunch of my artwork in Creative Cloud, but I’m not going to share it with anyone because it would be too easy to use that to start an art gallery on Facebook.

I’m going to let the artist do the work for me,” Mottoms wrote. 

I’m not the only one to have used the app as a creative tool. 

One of the more recent users of the app is an artist who uses it to create new artwork. 

She wrote:”I recently bought a new computer, and I started uploading and editing my art.

My artwork has been uploaded on Creative Cloud and it’s been beautifully and effortlessly created.

The most beautiful pieces of art I’ve seen so far.” 

Creative Cloud app creator Alex Mowdram also shared some of his thoughts on the app:”This is really useful because I can share my artwork to a large group of friends, but they’re all on the same device, so there’s not really a way to get them all to see it in one go.

I’ve also created a couple new tagging tools and tags that I use as part of my art process, and now my friends can tag their art with whatever they want. 

However, my only negative is that you can’t upload an image with a specific name attached to it.

If I want to tag my art with my name, I have to go back and edit my artwork and change the name to something else. 

My only hope is that Creative Cloud is a really useful tool, and that it’ll grow in the future to allow artists to work with all kinds of artists, including photographers, artists with disabilities, and even children.” 

Want to learn more about how to use Creative Cloud? 

Mowchans post can be found here

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