It’s been a while since Fortnites creator Jason Schreier has talked about Fortnits creative environment, but he’s finally opened up about it on Twitter.

Fortnites creative environment was one of the first concepts he and the team at Fortniti worked on during their time at Blizzard Entertainment, and it became a central part of their vision for the game.

The team’s primary goal was to create an environment where players could create their own fort and interact with their friends.

In its current form, it has been very successful in attracting new players and providing them with something that they can play with their buddies.

The team is still working on the full creative environment right now, but we have a couple of upcoming updates that are coming soon.

First, we have one new update coming up with a lot of new content and features, which will include a brand new Fort called the “Fort,” which will be built from the ground up to resemble a fort, complete with a living, breathing and animated fort.

The fort will also feature some new abilities, like a new portal mechanic, new weapons and armor, and some unique art that players will be able to interact with.

We have a ton of cool new stuff coming in that update, so stay tuned!

The second update that the team is working on is a brand-new content update called the Siege Update.

The Siege Update will include some of the new weapons, armor and abilities, as well as some new Fort designs.

The update will also include new content that players can use in the game to earn gold and gems.

This update will launch sometime this summer, and you can expect to see it in-game by the end of the year.

You can also expect to hear more about the game and Fortnit next month, as we’ll be taking part in a Fortnito-themed livestream.

Stay tuned for more Fortnited news.

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