Creative leather has been on a roll this year and has a few new creations in the works for Christmas.

Check out the highlights from this year’s line-up below.

Read moreThe latest collection of creative leather from the designer’s new line-ups comes in the form of the Black Rabbit and the Christmas Card.

It’s made of the finest black leather from one of the world’s most renowned and renowned craftspeople in the leather industry, Daphne Bergsø and is one of a few collaborations from the duo’s latest collection.

The Black Rabbit is a luxurious leather jacket made from leather that has been dyed and finished in a special process for the ultimate in luxurious warmth.

It is available in a variety of sizes, including the XS and XXL.

It comes in a range of colourways including black and grey, as well as two versions: one with a black leather interior, and one with white leather interior.

The Black Rabbit was designed to be worn on a chilly Christmas day and is available now in the US.

The Christmas Card, on the other hand, is a beautifully crafted card, inspired by the beautiful images of the New Year that Daph, who has a degree in painting, creates for the world.

Daph is known for her iconic, hand-painted paintings and prints that are used in the collection, which she sells on Etsy.

The Santa Clauses are made from a blend of suede and leather, with a gold embellishment.

They are available in various colours, including a limited edition grey, white and pink.

The pair of the new Christmas cards is also available in other countries, including Australia, the UK, Canada, the US and Ireland.

They have a design of a red-and-black Santa Claus, which is featured on the card.

The holiday season is now just around the corner and it’s going to be a big year for creative leather.

The following creative leather pieces are on sale now.

If you fancy yourself a little creative with your Christmas gifts, check out these creative leather gifts to try and make them yourself:

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