Mii creator Mii Art, the first app created by Mii artist Mii, has released a new update for the Nintendo Switch.

The update has several new features for the Mii Artist, including the ability to make videos and share them with other users.

Mii artists can also create a portfolio for themselves and share it with the world.

The Mii maker has also been able to take the MIViE series of games, which was made by the same developers that make Mii games, and use it to create an entirely new game.

The Mii series has also expanded to include more genres, such as action-RPGs, and the MII Maker app has also added support for Mii-specific titles.

In a tweet, Mii Creative said that MiiMaker “is now a completely new app for the Switch, which will include a huge array of new Mii apps and accessories.”

It’s not clear whether MiiArt will continue to be available for other devices.

MII Creative also released a statement saying that it plans to “continue expanding the Miii ecosystem on other platforms.”

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