Posted May 25, 2019 15:37:42 The Japanese company Koei Tecmo is now pushing the limits of its groundbreaking virtual reality makeup technology.

The studio has released a new makeup tutorial series that teaches how to transform any face into a cosplay character using Photoshop, an advanced facial mapping software that’s capable of transforming any face onto a wide range of different forms.

It’s not the first time KoeI Tecmo has released an advanced makeup tutorial.

Last year the company released the ‘Virtual Beauty’, a series of tutorials that gave people the chance to try on various makeup looks and even get their own characters to walk around.

In this case, the series has a more anime-esque theme.

The tutorials include a variety of different makeup looks including the ‘Gorillaz’ style, a look inspired by anime characters and ‘Dirty Dancing’ look, which uses a series that combines anime characters with a ‘Gravity’ effect.

In the ‘Vivian Cosplay’, the tutorials include anime characters like ‘Celeste’, a robot in the anime series ‘Robotech’ and ‘The Princess and the Frog’ actress who was inspired by the character Coco in the Disney cartoon.

You can find the full collection of KoeTecmo tutorials below:The company says the tutorials have been designed for people who want to learn about the advanced makeup techniques, but don’t want to spend the money on a new computer to use.

They’re designed for both people who are already familiar with Photoshop and for those who aren’t.

For example, a person might want to create a look that’s closer to the anime characters than the ‘Real Life’ look or a more realistic version of a Cosplay character.

You can also make a character more ‘human’ and blend in with the cosplay as you go along.

The company has also created tutorials that include cosplay masks that you can use for makeup.

These are a mix of Photoshop and natural makeup, and they’re available in the Koe I Tecmo ‘Vitality’ and Koe Tecmo Kizumonogatari collections.

The makeup tutorials can also be found on the KOEI Tecma Kizumei collection, and a ‘Cosplay Beauty’ collection.

The ‘Vitamin’ makeup look will be available in two variations: a ‘Real Beauty’ look and a “Vitamin” look.

You’ll need a decent sized computer to download the Photoshop tutorials, but if you have a Mac, you can download the entire series.

The videos can be downloaded on YouTube.

The series is available to download for free on YouTube, and you can watch the tutorials here.

KoeItTecmos’ tutorials will be a part of the KOTOPO series that includes ‘Cosplayer Beauty’, ‘Doll’ and more.

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