Facebook’s Creative Hub will open in 2018 and allow users to make and share digital content in a way that’s more accessible than traditional sites like Google or Twitter.

The company said it will offer tools for artists, designers, writers and designers to share and remix digital content and will also allow people to post short videos to social media platforms like Vine.

The move follows Facebook’s announcement earlier this month that it will make the creative hub free for all users of its Messenger app and the Messenger app for iOS and Android.

It also follows Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s announcement last year that he would make the tool free for users of the social network and would provide free, unlimited storage of content and other benefits.

Facebook Creative Hubs will include a new “creative tools” section, which will be used to add more features to the social networking site.

Users will be able to search for new ideas, create and share their own content, and collaborate with others.

Facebook said the Creative Hub would be a place for users to share their ideas, share and collaborate, and help them get the most out of their own work.

It will also let people collaborate on a variety of other content, including art, music, photography and videos. 

“We have always been looking for ways to connect with the people who create our content,” Facebook CEO Sheryl Sandberg said in a statement.

“Now we’re creating a tool that gives you the tools you need to connect directly with the creators and artists you care about.

That means creating the content you care most about, and sharing it with everyone you know.

The Creative Hub is a place where you can share, collaborate and collaborate.”

The Facebook Creative hub will be free to users who are on the Messenger mobile app.

It will be available on the Facebook web platform in 2018.

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